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Our Services

Includes, securing the very best loads for our owner operator carriers according to their specific profile request.

What We Do

Personal Dispatcher

You will be assigned an experienced and dedicated dispatcher who is available 24/7 to meet all your dispatching needs.

Run Credit Checks

We partner with your factoring company to run a credit check for each load you take to ensure you get paid.

Negotiate The Best Rates

Negotiating is critical to a successful business. Every booking will be strategically planned to obtain the highest possible rates per load.


Your dispatcher will email all Rate Cons, pick up and delivery information between the driver and broker.


We offer factor invoicing for an additional weekly fee, this will allow NO HASSLE payment within 1-2 business days.


Your At Your Service Logistics Dispatcher will communicate all required information between the driver and the broker, including check calls and all clarifications.

Book your load

Your dispatcher will locate freight and book loads for you based on your preferences.  Do you want to stay in the midwest? Absolutely! You are in the driver’s seat.

Back Office Support

Your personalized dispatcher will complete all Rate Confirmations, Broker Packet, and Carrier Set-Up packet.


Your dispatcher is very well connected within the industry. Need Factoring? Need a fuel card? Need insurance? Need Compliance? We got you covered!


(888) 66-LOGISTICS

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